Lucy Campbell Chilling in Chile

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Lucy Campbell in Chile

One of the hardest working women on the UK Pro Surf Tour, Lucy Campbell took some time off to kick back and relax in one of Latin America’s lesser known surf destinations. After a busy year in 2018, Lucy has kept the pace up over the winter with several WSL QS events and a few trips to sun soaked winter wave spots.

“Turns out it’s chilly in Chile” said Lucy after returning from her latest trip. But from the looks of it, the cold water in Chile didn’t hold her back much. Lucy’s relaxed style makes it look oh so easy, but we know it takes hard work and dedication to rise to the top of UK surf scene. After a third place in last year’s championship and a win in 2017, Lucy is looking forward to getting back to work when the 2019 season kicks off here in April. You can keep up with what Lucy get’s up to both on and off the Tour by following her on Instagram @lucycsurf

Edit: Adam Lewis