Personnel Solutions Surfaced Pro 2017

We began our journey at Watergate Bay in 2007 at the Surf Relief, where the likes of Matt Capel, Nick White and Sam Lamiroy were competing and from the Women’s, Nicole Morgan, Beth Mason and Easkey Britton! It was the first charity event on the Tour and all entry funds went to charity. It was a massive success and in 2011 it was made part of the UKPSA Pro Surf Tour.

Students from Cornwall College Newquay are bringing the UKPSA Pro Surf Tour back to Watergate beach this spring. The seventh year Surf Science students have been asked to organise the event and they have turned it into one of Europe’s premier surfing events after successfully staging the competition, The Surfaced Pro, for the past two years.

The event is organised by the students as part of the Surf Science and Technology degree programme at Cornwall College. They work with UKPSA Pro Surf Tour team on every aspect of the event, from planning and logistics to event management and marketing to sponsorship. The course is a blend of theoretical and practical work, which prepares the students well for a future in the surf industry.

The first event on the 2018 UKPSA Pro Surf Tour sees elite surfers form across Europe start their endless summer fighting for titles in a range of categories, with the winners of the Open Men’s and Open Women’s each scooping a prize pot of £2,000.